2016 Activities

Upon arrival, follow signs to The Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center to check in and receive your guide packet and map of stations! Here is a list of participating departments and their activities (be sure to check back as activities are updated until the day before)!  Also bring your own notebook so you can record data just like our graduate student scientists do!



Isolating DNA from Fruit

Worms Under the Microscope

Plant Biology

Biomedical Data Science

DNA You Can Eat!


Crystal Growing

Self-Assembly (make your own Silly Putty)

Computer Science

Check back soon!

Earth Science

Trips to Cold Places

Cloud in a Cup

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The Carbon Cycle

Fossils and Evolution


Where Innovation Happens…


Doctor for a Day


Ice Nucleation

Microbial Discovery Box

Physics and Astronomy

Check back soon!

Psychology and Brain Sciences

Build Your Own Brain Cell

I can read your mind… PSYCH